Precast Panel Detailing

Precast Panel modelling & detailing allows Hunter Valley Steel Detailing Australia to provide accurate integration with our steel structure designs. Not only creating a more cohesive design; with the ability to detail both Steel and Precast in the same model, this process provides a more efficient and time effective / cost effective solution for our clients.

Whether you’re in Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Sydney, Central Coast, Australia or globally, HVSD can help you with all of your Precast Panel Detailing requirements.

Precast Panel Detailing | Hunter Valley Structural Detailing

We provide the following services as standard in all our detailing packages:

Fully detailed Drawings for Precast Wall Panel’s specialising in Tilt Lift for Building and Structures:

  • Marking plans for Panels.
  • Propping Plans.
  • Precast workshop drawings.
  • Inclusions for Ferrules, Lifters, Dowelling and more.
  • Cast-In details and Connectors.
  • Bolt information and Reports.

Exportable 3D models in most typically used formats as per request.

Tekla BIMsight export to allow clients full BIM integration and viewing.

Tekla Model Sharing over cloud server for collaboration.

Precast Panel Detailing Related Projects

PHunter Valley Structural Detailing offers a variety of services including:

With over a decade of experience offering drafting services, working in the industry on projects for Commercial Buildings, Industrial Workshops, Mining Industry projects, Schools, Local Businesses and Residential Drafting and Designs.

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