Hunter Valley Structural Detailing - Olymic Tunnel
New Valley Structures / Hunter Valley Structural Detailing Australia partnership stands the test on tight deadline.

The recently completed Olympic tunnel project, for existing client Alfabs Group, demonstrated exactly how the new partnership works. The time frame for detailing set by Alfabs was a tight 5 weeks. But, under the new agreement of shared capacity and 24-hour detailing, we were able to turn this project around in 3 weeks. This saved the client a full 2 weeks, which helped them enormously by keeping the works busy as well as delivering to site ahead of schedule.

“This project went as well as anyone could have imagined. To be able to discuss design and queries, as well as obtaining site surveys during the day and then for that information to be implemented into the live model overnight, made this project a success for all parties”. –  Alfabs Group